Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Be strong, carry on.

The Strokes streamed their album on their website :B Golly Geee! The album is called 'Angles', consisting of 10 songs. I have been looping the same songs, to have this album is refreshing! I am through with listening to 'Like a G6' every morning. And it's not even cool anymore. Like three, six? Whatchu talking bout far east movement?

Anyways, it is a fun song. BUT STOP PLAYING IT.

I told my friends, I don't want to go clubbing if the songs are filled with bass beats and annoying repetitive rhythm. I rather be sweaty at a concert. At least I can listen to music that I like, and I can wear sneakers and not be out of place.

Trials is in 2 weeks by the bye <---- Jane Eyre is filled with that. It means by the way by the way :D I'm so lame. So I should be studying. As always. I should really be studying D:

OH yeah about the album :D HAHA now you can see why I think I'm ADHD. My mind can't focus on a certain topic for so long. OK. Yeah I like it. HMM :D I see Strokes fan saying that it's better that First Impression Of Earth but not as legendary as Is This It. I sort of agree. It's a great album. Better than any that is in stores now. The Strokes are exploring a new realm of their sound. With no Julian to take on leadership. It does seem a little more messy in a way. It seems to not connect together as an album. You would notice the separation of ideas.

I like most of the tracks. Especially the single, Under the Cover of Darkness. Machu Picchu is nice. WELL I LIKE ALL. Except you're so right. I don't get it. It sounds like Radiohead. And I never was a fan of them. I only liked Karma Police and Paranoid Android. Others ehh nope. Oh the album has this retro vibe, you know. I think it's because they're trying to create something timeless. But yeah, it sounded like 70's or 80's music with a new twist.

I miss the plain sound of a band without all those hipster technology.

Speaking of 80's dance music, I was disappointed with Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'. It does not sound current. It's not the Gaga I like. Not the extravagant operatic singer that I like to sing-a-long to with weird expressions of various dramatic emotions. But we shall see.

I can't believe Matt Bellamy's going to be a DAD :( I wish you the best Maffew. I hope you're happy :'( This is sad. Why can't Muse hurry up with another album. The Resistance does not suffice. I WANT MORE, MORE, MORE!

I remembered being a huge fan of Fall Out Boy. My brother has been listening to them, brings back memories :) I can't believe I still remember parts of the song. Not really parts, but most of it! HUH If only my brain can use the storage for my studies instead of lyrics of songs which does not help in the exam hall.

Again no themed post. I kept changing my mind until I got so fed up and I just wrote what I felt. Okay.

BYE BYE. I wonder what happened to the academy is.

Again BYE!

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