Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why am I so lazy?

I just, I just don't get it man. Like WHY? Okay I have a business presentation to do, I have English Lit essays. And Econs homework. I really need to start studying Psycho.

I've been contemplating with myself about how am I to present my blog. Should I make the post short and constantly update it or do long post but with fewer updates of course. Hmm. But I don't like short post. But I do not own the luxury of doing long post. So yes. And I haven't had a theme post in a bazillion years.

I have ideas but oh gosh, my brain juice is not flowing well. I'm tired always. And it's probably my fault for staying up so late. I need to discipline myself, easier said then done.

So updates? My college had a treasure hunt. It was a blast. We practically walked all over KL. The clues were so O_O At first it was okay, uhuh yeah. I got this. Okay I got this. Once we reached Berjaya Time Square which was the third part. My brain stopped working. Like *kapoot* So you can guess my partner and I did not win those freaking iPads! But there's always next year, iPad 2 heheheh muahahahaha! All in all it was FUN FUN FUN! Tiring as heck. I was so smelly kehkehkeh.

When my parents picked me up, we went and stop to look at cars. Apparently my dad is planning to buy one? For me? Hahaha maybe. Probably sharing with him. SINCE I'VE THE LICENSE TO DRIVE! HOYEAH. Luckily we did not test drive it. Because I am not a good driver... YET. Practice makes perfect, who wants to roll with me ?

And my brother has been letting me drive in Bukit Jelutong on the way back from college. I was barely at 60 km/h and I felt as though it was going super fast. HAHAHA. Well I drove at 40 km/h for JPJ okay. My brother kept telling me to go faster! FASTER! Or the engine will die. But I was scared :\

I think I need to eat dinner. Later.


AQ said...

Wow, you've been busy. Hehe! My parents keep telling me, "watch the speed while glancing over at the speedometer." When I glance, I'm touching 100km/h. 8D. On the highway, of course. So far, I've been chauffeur-ing my little brother back & forth from school. Though my parents always drop him off in the morning. I never wake up in time. Heh heh. Good luck with all those exams! D8

Linamania said...

It was manual okay! So I did not like to change gears hahaha. I prefer to change as little as possible.