Friday, March 25, 2011

A good week finally came.

I re-did my blog. I'm still not satisfied with it. But whatever. I think it's cute. HEE.

Let us hear about my week, si? So 23rd March was D-DAY as everyone would put it. I was scared, because I didn't want to be disappointed again like how I was in PMR. This time everyone looked a bit more calmed, more zen haha, maybe because they went through PMR and their results didn't kill them the next day.

So there was I, around 10 a.m at school. Waiting.. and yeah there was a lot of waiting. Then finally the teacher announced the straight A's. There were 17 people. One by one went up to collect. And then there was left one. I just gave up hope then because well PMR really scarred me. And the only time I was called last, was in UIA. Where we were last team to break and MAN it was such a JOY. Yes one SPM slip left for straight A's, secretly I didn't give up, I still hoped it was me. And ALHAMDULILLAH, it was! I couldn't believe the*(#$& . So yes, I cried like a BIG OL' BABY. I was quite proud of my achievement.

My results weren't great. I mean, I didn't have a lot of A+'s. But I was satisfied. I couldn't ask for a better result for myself. Though then I saw people with a million A+'s and I was like danngggg now my result looks like nothing. HAHA. But I am very grateful.

And today was my driving test! I really didn't want to fail because then I had to skip another Friday, which I don't want to D: I freaked during parking because my car wasn't straight, so my mind went like Oh CRAP. Now what do I do? Me, being a pro, decided to experiment with the steering wheel trying to straighten the car. I just ended up making a fool of myself. JPJ officers were like WTF is this kid doing? Again, in my head I gave up. I thought that since I'm failing, why not just keep on going until the officers call me. But I didn't fail, I managed to park the fuh reak king car. HOYEAH. The 3 pointers was a breeze B) HAHAH (I'm lying, I was   fumbling everywhere).

During the road test, thankfully I got like a laid back JPJ. He was listening to the radio, and Bruno Mars "Marry You" was on. When we got back, he said to me, you need to practice more, ok? Then I was DANGGG I FAILED, it's ok. At least I only need to repeat the road test. SIGHHHH. But then I saw my marks I PASSED. YIPPEE KI-YAY!

It's been a good week. And yeah I've been singing "Marry you" everywhere. It's so catchy. WHYYYY


I'm sooo high. ( In real life, my butt is permanently parked  in my sofa) PARKED GET IT HAHAHA.

I better stop before I make more lame driving jokes.



A. K. said...

Like the new layout... ITs kind of cute.. Have a great weekend!

Linamania said...

Thank you!