Friday, January 27, 2012

It's in the name

This is one of those post where I'm trying to procrastinate from doing my work. Oh well! Whilst eating my deliciously healthy McDonald prosperity meal, I was praising myself that I was good at naming things. Not naming as in, name the capital of the states and what not, but give things/living things name. I have a cat named 'Hey Jude' because I was in love with the song and now he is affectionately called 'Jude'. Recently my mother bought a puny fighting fish, and he is given a name ancient people might say larger than life, 'Poseidon'. I thought it suited him well. I didn't want to give my pets names like 'Furball' or 'Potato' I wanted them to have names that have special meanings to me. A good solid name.

So what about my name. My dad wanted to give a short name, he has quite a long name so he knew the hassle. He wanted to call me 'Ina' so he named Nurlina. Nur is a very common name for my people to put within a name. I sometime feel that it is like a filler. That's why no one here calls people Nur, because it's just part of name nothing more. But Nur means light in arabic and it could also mean enlightment. Such a big meaning for a small word. Moving on to my main name, Lina. In Arabic, it means tenderness. In chinese Li is pretty and Na means elegant. That's what Wikipedia says. I forgot what my friend told me.

So am I enlightened, tender and elegant? Oh how I wish. When I see what my name means, I can't help but to think that I am completely the opposite. Here I am, a awkward, tomboyish girl who does not have elegance in her blood. I would love to live up to my name but I am who I am. Some might say that the name defines the people. That's why people with titles or has a prominent family name in his/her name feel proud of their heritage. Sometimes too proud, I mean come on, that was your ancient granddad's success not yours. I do believe that you have to choose a name wisely. You don't want to name your son 'donkey' though there are so many cases of people naming their poor child 'Pilot Inspector'. *palm face* I feel sorry for the kid already. You can be a descendant of a king but who cares if you are a sourpuss.  Names are important but it does not define who we are. I mean this definition is ancient, maybe it's time for a new definition.

From now on, I shall be

Nurlina : Awesome.

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