Friday, December 9, 2011

Everyday I'm Tumblin.

The Dartmouth Aires has their own album, they released it by themselves before the sing-off. So me being their kinda creepy fan went to iTunes and listened to their preview. It was better than I expected. I really want their album now HAHA. But I must restrain, because 1. mainly because I don't have an iTunes account  2. this is insane.

And Henry's solo in 'Brand New Jones' SICK! *in a hip cool way* I prefer his voice in that track than 'All At Sea'. Man if they recorded the 'Remix to Ignition' the newer one MAN. MAN. That would really make me want to buy.

I'm not gonna be blogging for awhile due to unstable mental state, DID JA KNOW I HAVE TUMBLR
CLICKITY CLICK THERE >Butterflies & Hurricane

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