Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baking Omen

I've been dabbling in baking lately due to my boredom. I baked some cinnamon twists and apple tarts, albeit it wasn't perfect it was not bad. I was determine to bake an apple strudel with custard. 

I am not familiar with the kitchen AT ALL. My mother was upstairs so I was alone in the kitchen. BAD IDEA. After my hard labor of love cooking my apple filling, it was time for my custard. I randomly took a bowl which I thought was fine, oh I was wrong. I asked my dad to light the fire with the bowl on. My dad also didn't suspect anything wrong with it. And I was vigorously stirring the custard so it won't curdle "BANG" the whole pot just exploded; I'm not exaggerating. It was CRACK POOF. I was in shock, luckily I had some sense to close the gas. 

I am so grateful that I wasn't hurt. That really shook me, but I will still continue to bake tomorrow. Of course with fire proof pots. At least I learnt something. Oh gosh, that was just terrible.

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