Thursday, November 24, 2011


Harry Potter is on the telly, The Sorcerer Stone. I always wondered why it wasn't Philosopher Stone. Anyways, it brings back a lot of good childhood memories :') Hogwarts, why art thou not real?

I wanted to write about Snape actually, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I can really relate to him and his officially my favorite character, no doubt. I like him because he is actually the ultimate good guy, even though he is not the nicest bloke to chat with but deep down he was always loyal. I find that very admirable.

 He was alone in his missions, never really could talk to anyone being a double agent. I don't know, I think he has sacrificed a great deal, and I don't even think he is rewarded or appreciated for it. And he has his own tragic love story :C And you know I like tragic love stories, but Snape's story was just too UGH gut wrenching. I can't believe he died! All the accusations he had to face, all that hatred from people. Snape, you are the best. You are such a complex character and I applaud Rowling for creating such wonderful character. Snape's memories was one my favorite part of the book. I wished he did not have to go through all of that.

I just really like Snape, can't you tell. He is by far the bravest person in the book, and that book had a lot of courageous people. I don't like Harry Potter that much really. My mum said he is a sissy, I kind of agree.
It's ok Snape, I despise everyone too.

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