Friday, November 25, 2011

People Y U NO WRITE?

So I'm looking at the blogs I follow, and most are yeap dead. But I don't blame them, my blog has been in a coma too and why I'm reviving it is mostly because I am procrastinating, HEHEHEH. Anyways, on my many occasions of pondering about deep serious issues, I wondered about the different types of people. This is based on personal experience and I am not a psychologist so yes, this is from  the observation of an 18 year old girl.

I am a person who gets easily freaked by crowds; I loathe public speaking. Every time, I have to speak in class, even though I know these people, my stomach turns into knots. I don't know why my anxiety acts up. Maybe it's my self-esteem, but not really because I am comfortable with myself. I am quirky and some people might not like it, I accept. Maybe I'm very self-conscious when a bunch of eyes are scrutinizing the way I talk or stand. But when I'm talking to like one person or two, I'm fine. That's when I get really crazy and excited in talking. When I'm talking personally to people, I feel very comfortable but when I'm in a group it's very intimidating. Go figure.

 Another theory as to why I'm like this, I feel like when I'm in a smaller group, one-to-one, I can get response and really listen to their opinion and then give my response. You can't do that with crowds, can ya? Except for 'Are you ready to partayy?'So, yes I am that girl who is very boisterous when you're alone with me and quiet in a group of people.

I envy people who are natural born speakers, can give the air of confidence when they're talking. Envy, envy, envy. I tried to practice my public speaking skills, well it has improved but eck, I'm not someone who you would listen to intently. I also envy people who are just plain friendly and nice; who are so comfortable with talking to anyone. I am awkward. If I don't feel comfortable with you, expect silence. Sometimes I just don't even want to talk to you, so I would not even fake that I'm interested. Yeah I'm not that nice. Maybe I need to work on my sincerity, then maybe I'll give out an aura of niceness haha and people would listen ?

That's all folk!
Stay tune for another round of mania!

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