Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sleeping (Optional)

Oh foolish heart, I have fallen again.

Yes, so I'm on my break. See if you're familiar with my blog then you would know I post a lot about guys that I like. SO, without further ado, here's another one :D

There's this a capella group competition called the sing-off; it is kind of like any other singing competition but a capella and in groups? ( cue the DUH). And you know how I like guys who can sing. Just imagine groups of guys singing in tune! *HOLY MOLEY MACARONI* I love the college groups. I am bias I must say. But they are so entertaining and funny. Bloody charming blokes.

You know how I am so thug, the guy rapping would be my perfect match <3 Haha and he really looks cute with his green hoodie and cap :} I like him. Must find someone who's going to Dartmouth. We be so pimping together, our thug life and all.

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