Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Love The Sing-Off

Dartmouth Aires are in the finals baby! I'm getting too emotionally attach to these guys  :\ I mean, come on they are addictive especially if you're a girl. They are easy on the eyes, just sayin'. Besides that, they really put on a show. That's probably the main reason I like them. They're singing and performing these mini sketches. Love it! I hope they win but they're up against Pentatonix, who at first I didn't not like because I was a bias fan to the Aires but they're good. I'm not a fan of these dub step, techno thing but Pentatonix are good. Actually they are the main reason why I even watched The Sing-Off in the first place. I was youtube-ing as usual, and I came across The Trio's cover of Lady Gaga which I thought was AWESOME! So in the comments, it said that they were in The Sing-Off and tadaa I'm hooked :}

Can't wait for the finals! This week the Aires performed their usual high energy shows. I thought they took the judges critic about depth but maybe it was too much? I like it though, ain't complaining but not my favorite. Can't wait for their next performances though! AHHH One week, Y  U SO LONG? And university application deadlines are nearer still haven't done anything! THIS IS FUN!

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