Thursday, November 24, 2011

Legal Beagle

It's amazing to think that I'm actually 18! I started this blog when I was 15, woah, it seems like a long time ago. I am absolutely in love with my blog. It's like my public diary, I don't keep diaries because well, I'm too lazy to write everyday, but this blog is as close as it gets. But I am a living proof that age does not matter. Although I am   18 and I am recognized by the law to be an adult but I still feel as though I am that naive 15 year old girl. I don't mind it though because I like my immature self. And when I read back my previous post, not a lot has change.And I had a good time going through my old post, and recalling all the memories. Good times, good times. I'm still crazy and annoying but I like to think I have grown in other aspects. Wow I'm 18. I can't cook, I can't do laundry, I don't know how I'm going to survive in the big bad world :S But I've survived so far, and I think I can adapt. I WILL SURVIVE! It's not my birthday by the way, my birthday was months ago.

I wish I could stop time, and always be a teenager.

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